What’s LOVE got to do with it?

What do you really love?


What is love? 

Love is a choice a decision you make, not something you may feel. Feelings are fickle and can change quickly without notice.

Do you really love?
I have to work at this. You are supposed to love everyone. That is a hard choice to make. It is something we need to work on daily. I have to work really hard at this one.

What do you think love is? 
For me love is a choice I made. For example I love my wife. Is it because she is perfect and fun all the time? No, because no one is. It is because I made a choice to love her many years ago. It does not matter what changes in her life or mine. I made a choice to love her and the only way that will change is by choice.

So how do you love?
This one is going to be different for everyone. How you love them and how they want to be loved.

What do you love?
This is one we need to watch close. Do not love things more than the people in your life. I know you have heard this before, but you can not take the things with you. It is true. Things are replaceable. You can live with out things. It is much more difficult to replace friends and family, we need people more than things.

Why do you love?
Simple, we need it.

Are you open to love?
Well, are you? I have to work at this as well as being open.

Are you vulnerable? 
If not, you cannot truly love. There are many different types of love love for mother, father, God, family, friends, spouse and many other types.

Verses on love:

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