“Is Jesus enough for me?”………….. This is the question that Susan asked us to ask ourselves Tuesday night. I’m not sure about anyone else, but it has been stuck in my mind ever since. I am a definer so I pulled out my trusty iphone (I’m a tangible with a little techy thrown in) so that I could define the word enough. This is the definition: “sufficient to meet a need or satisfy a desire.”  WOW! I still have trouble wrapping my very small cranium around the fact that the God who stilled the sea and placed the stars in the sky is willing to meet my small and seemingly insignificant needs but He is. Now I have to ask myself, do I really believe that God is able to meet every need AND satisfy all my desires? And if I do believe this, do I act like it?

Two years ago is when I began to discover that Jesus really was enough. I resigned from the job I’d had for 9 years with no idea what I’d be doing next. I also left the church that I’d been going to for 25 years which meant leaving my friends and my parents. I also began having health problems that required multiple doctors visits and expensive medications. And then, just when I thought all the changes were done for awhile my husband lost his job the day before his 30th birthday. This left us with only the income I received for subbing in the public schools. This was all within a 6 month time frame. I didn’t even have time to recover from one change before another one blind sided me. It was at this place of confusion and change that I needed Jesus to be enough! I still had an amazing husband and friends and family who loved me but this was the first time I had to completely rely on Him for everything. What I learned from this time of physical, emotional and mental upheaval was that He was sufficient to meet my needs. My husband and I never ran out of money, we both got amazing jobs that we love and the doctor finally figured out what was wrong with me (I can hear some of you laughing at this one:)). This time is what I like to affectionately call the best worst year ever because I learned and grew so much! God has always been there at every twist and turn supplying all the while, even if I couldn’t see it at the time. There are still many days when I don’t think that the way I’m living my life shows that Jesus is enough for me but there are more days now than there used to be. So in answer to the question is Jesus enough for me- the answer is absolutely, completely, 100% yes. Now I need to take that head knowledge and transfer it to my heart so that it can start to transform me from the inside out.

Psalms 139:5-6 You hem me in, behind and before and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me: It is too high, I cannot attain to it.

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